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Tools & Online Reporting!

Secured Data & Payment Tools

PatchFunding makes it a priority to maintain the highest
level of security measures to protect sensitive data.


Fundraising Has Never Been Easier
Manage Prospects, Accept Mobile Payments, and Simplify Reporting

TrainingVolunteer & Mobile Tools
As you know, nearly every person on the planet is using a smart device.  Nonprofit organizations that employ mobile fundraising strategies see an increase in donation revenue.

Mobile Tools

LDS_BoyscoutsFundraising Concierge
Our customer service department is committed to your success. Our team is passionate about unparalleled free support with live web training and updated documentation.

Free Concierge

TrainingScouting Specific Platforms
Help sustain the honorable Scouting tradition, by collecting financial support. With your assistance from the local community, now you have improved tools to get the job done.

BSA Fundraising

Full Prospect Manager

Enrich your fundraising efforts by managing all aspects of the prospect data and payment manager.

Encrypted Technology

PatchFunding utilizes Bank like encrypted connections, PCI compliance, and best data practices.

Modern Payment Tools

Collect and manage all types of cash and e-payments using mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

Paperless Reporting

Every volunteer account reports in real-time to its respective Sub-district, Unit or Council Leader.


Your Very Own Personalized Dashboard!

Manage real-time data right from your own dashboard. View campaign progress,
new prospects, and complete payment information all within 1-3 clicks.

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