PatchfundingCloudThe PatchFunding Cloud Application Is One Of Our Companies Greatest Achievements

PatchFunding is a leading SaaS provider of constituent powered fundraising for nonprofit organizations.   PatchFunding is powered by our Cubicle7®, a vertically driven next generation business intelligence organization.  Cubicle7® technology replaces outdated and expensive systems with cloud-based web and mobile applications that streamline Contact Management, Scheduling, Task Management and Billing solutions.

Built With Mobile In Mind

PatchFunding was built from the ground up which includes a responsive web design that will snap to fit any internet device. With our next generation technology, PatchFunding users can collect payments using any tablet, desktop, laptop, or smart phone – connected to the internet.  Patch Funding has been thoroughly tested and we are excited to say that “Patch” is used by over 11,000 users.

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